Smashing It Burgers!!

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In redesigning the street food burger website, I incorporated movement in different sections to attract attention to their services and showcase their mouthwatering food through a dynamic gallery. 

To add contrast and captivate visitors, I utilised a lighter shade of the dark wooden background. Additionally, I strategically placed call-to-action buttons throughout the site to encourage visitors to explore further or make a booking. 

Social media integration was also implemented to demonstrate the business’s relevance and up-to-date nature. The overall goal was to create a user experience that evoked the feeling of indulging in a delicious, yet high-quality, dirty burger.

The Website Strategy


I specialise in working with independent businesses, particularly those in the food and drink industry. Whether you’re a restaurant, street food vendor, or bar, I have a genuine passion for helping businesses like yours succeed by by designing and building custom websites. 

Let me create a visually appealing and budget-friendly website that will make your brand stand out!