The Patty Freaks are legends in the West Midlands street food game. Starting from humble beginnings, a catering van in a lay-by, to opening their second burger restaurant in Stourbridge at The Railway Inn. 

‘The Freaks’, as I affectionately call them, had outgrown their current burger website design and ‘templated’ platform and were ready for a bespoke website upgrade. One that reflected their brand to the fullest, was strategically built and performed as it should.

I revamped their site, keeping it true to their ethos, optimising it for Google, and making it super easy to grab those delicious burgers!

Burger Website Design the Freaky Way!



The Patty Freaks

"Please use this web designer!... She has a very personalised service and will do her research into the brand to understand your business and has great punctual communication throughout!"

It’s not just about pretty pixels; I craft websites with a dash of flavour and a sprinkle of digital SEO zest. From user-friendly menus to eye-catching designs, I'll make your site as appetising as your best dish. Choose Crunch-IT-Creative, and get ready for a restaurant website that'll have your customers saying 'YUM' before they even order!

From burger restaurant design to fine dining websites, I turn them from 'meh' to 'oh yeah!' 


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