7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Website Design Stand Out From The Crowd!

Rachel Jones

January 24, 2024

7 Ways to Make Your Restaurant Website Design Stand Out From The Crowd!

Website Design Tips for Restaurants

Let’s face it, most dining experiences now start on your mobile phone. We are all guilty of lost hours spent finding that restaurant you MUST eat at when in a new city, or just finding the right food for right now. It’s also not just about the social media pics; It’s about finding the menu and location with an engaging user experience. It’s about a functional and fresh restaurant website design.

So it’s time to level up on your restaurant’s website game, and here’s how I do it –

1. Embrace Visual Temptation

A.K.A Food p*rn pics! These sell! Use high-quality pics of your mouthwatering dishes to highlight your signature dishes, the unique experience your customers would get and really showcase your vibe. If you are a fine dining restaurant, then go for classy, arty, minimalistic pics. If your vibe is more casual, then your photos should reflect that, maybe some fun and candid pictures.

2. An Easy User Experience

The online space is now ‘mobile first’, meaning you should prioritise mobile responsiveness to help your ranking in search engines. People have short attention spans, so you need effortless navigation, quick loading times and easy site navigation so customers don’t get bored or frustrated and look elsewhere.

3. Story Tell Through Design

Tell your story through the design of your restaurant website. Blend design elements that reflect your restaurant’s ambience, culture and culinary philosophy. Make it resonate with your customers.

4. Booking Ease and Efficiency

This should be the easy part. Your customers should find out how to book a table easily. The.End. Use clear call-to-action buttons.

5. Social Proof and Testimonials

Use customer testimonials and reviews for social proof. Showcase positive feedback and experiences to instil trust and credibility, meaning potential customers will want to dine at your venue. If you aren’t using Google Business Profile, you should be!

6. Showcasing Events and Specials

Display upcoming events, specials, or promotions. Engage visitors with enticing offers, themed nights, or chef specials that encourage repeat visits and add excitement. Don’t forget to keep these up to date, or at least with a coming soon!

7. Reflect Brand Personality

Stay true to your brand’s personality. Whether it’s a fine dining establishment or a casual eatery, the website should reflect the ambience and character of your restaurant. Whether fun or fancy!


A standout restaurant website isn’t just about displaying menus and location; it’s an immersive experience that tantalises taste buds and draws people in. You must blend visuals, intuitive design, engaging elements, and a dash of storytelling, and your restaurant web design can become a destination in itself!

Incorporating these vital ingredients, strategy, and local SEO is crucial for a website that serves up actual results. My packages bundle these essentials, and I sprinkle in my love for food and drink for an extra flavorful journey!

Contact me for a free custom proposal here: https://crunch-it-creative.com/contact

or drop me an email at info@crunch-it-creative.com

I believe the finest food deserves the finest websites.

P.S. All these designs are by me at Crunch-IT-Creative!

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